Buildings Standards Commission

(also serves as the Zoning Board of Adjustments)

The Building and Standards Commission is a board appointed by the City Council to make final judgement upon whether a building or structure must be condemned. Its duties are as follows:

Duties and Responsibilities The Building Standards Commission shall act in a quasi-judicial capacity and activities shall be in accordance with Chapter 54, Subchapter C, of the Texas Local Government Code, as amended. The Commission hears cases relating to the preservation of public safety; to the materials or methods used to construct a building or improvement; to the fire safety of a building or improvement; to dangerously damaged or deteriorated buildings or improvements; to conditions caused by accumulations of refuse, vegetation, or other matter that crates breeding and living places for insects and rodents; and to a building code or to the condition, use, or appearance of property in a municipality.

The Building and Standards Commission shall hear evidence and shall, upon a finding that the conditions as set out in the ordinance, have been met, declare a structure substandard. It may thereafter order the structure be repaired, order that the structure be vacated, and/or order the structure demolished. The board shall use the following issues as criteria: deterioration of the building or structure, fire hazard, pestilence, structural deformity, inadequate fire safety measures and other conditions as recognized by law.

                    Building Standards Commission Annual Report

Members The Board shall be composed of five regular members and two alternate members, all of whom shall be residents of Santa Fe. Members are appointed by the City Council for two-year terms and serve without compensation.



Present Board Members:

Position 1 - Scott Eckenrode
Position 2 - Beverly Pruitt     
Position 3 - Jason Tabor       
Position 4 - Gregg Vicknair
Position 5 - Mark Mazoch    

Alternate 1 - Wayne Bacot 
Alternate 2 - Ron Istre          


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