Citizen's Police Academy


The Santa Fe Police Department began its Citizens Police Academy Program in 2004 in an effort to build a stronger relationship between its citizens and the officers who patrol their streets.  The idea is to share information and training that will provide our citizens with additional tools and knowledge  regarding recognition of criminal activities.  We believe that the Santa Fe Citizen Police Academy provides an unique opportunity for the citizens to interact and join forces with the officers sworn to protect them.

By attending our Citizens Police Academy, you will have the opportunity to take a glimpse into the world of law enforcement.  It is our desire that you may have a better understanding of what we do and why we do it. 

The CPA class will begin in February this year and will meet every Monday evening at the Santa Fe Justice Centerl, unless otherwise noted, for 14 weeks (the final week being the graduation ceremony).  Classes will begin promptly at 6:30 pm and conclude at 9:00 p.m.  Each session will end with a Q & A session.  Students will be introduced to all aspects of law enforcement, including:

  • Police Department Structure
  • 911 Telecommunications
  • Criminal Justice System (presented by the District Attorney's Office)
  • Patrol Procedures
  • Special Investigations-Auto Crimes Task Force
  • Santa Fe Fire & Rescue Procedures/EMS
  • Crime Prevention strategies

The Citizens Police Academy classes are limited to 25 students.  Students must complete an application and be approved prior to being accepted into the program.  There is no fee to the students of the CPA, all costs and materials are provided by the Santa Fe Police Department.

Citizens Police Academy Application for Admission

Citizens on Patrol

The Santa Fe Police Department and the Santa Fe Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association have created and established a Citizen on Patrol Program in an effort not only to enhance the relationship between our police officers and citizens but to build an alliance of criime prevention and crime deterrence.

Citizens on Patrol provides assistance to the Santa Fe Police Department by taking an active role in their community.  Additional eyes and ears aid our agency with visibility, observation, and reporting.  Increased cooperation between the citizens and the police officers has proven to be invaluable.  Giving our officers and citizens an opportunity to work together has built lasting relationships and proven to be an effective program for the community.

CPA members while on patrol are STRICTLY PROHIBITED FROM CARRYING ANY TYPE WEAPON OR CONDUCTING ANY LAW ENFORCEMENT ACTIVITIES.  While on patrol, members who hold a concealed handgun license are prohibited from carrying their weapon.

The purpose of the COP is to observe and report suspicious circumstances and when requested to assist the Police Department with non-law enforcement activities.  A good example is the train derailment that took place at Hwy. 6 and FM 646 S, CPA and COP members provided refreshments to emergency workers and aided in traffic direction.  The CPA and COP were also utilized to distribute food and water in the days following Hurricane Ike.

The COP vehicle is equipped with a police radio and overhead lights.  The vehicle has no siren and is not authorized to operate as an emergency vehicle.  The lighting system is solely for the purpose of aiding with traffic control.  Except for special assignments, two COP members are required to operate the vehicle.  An example of a special assignment is the use of the COP to aide with before and after school traffic, ensuring the safety of our younger students.