Mission Statement & General Goals


Mission Statement
The City of Santa Fe is dedicated to making the best use of its resources as a city government - human, financial, technical, and legal - to support our unique quality of life in Santa Fe and make our community a great place to live, work, and raise a family.

The following principles will guide our actions in furtherance of this mission:

We will strive to always look for a better way to serve our citizen customers.
We will treat each employee and citizen with honesty, consideration, and respect.

General Goals

Community Safety and Security
To preserve and promote the safety of individuals and property in Santa Fe. (police, fire, EMS, code enforcement, animal control)

Physical Resources
To preserve the physical and capital resources that support the residential and economic health of the community through well-planned maintenance and development. (streets, drainage, utilities, planning, building and development regulation)

Community Enrichment
To provide educational, cultural and leisure opportunities for Santa Fe residents. (library, parks and recreation)

General Government
To provide the leadership and support services necessary for the efficient and effective operation of city government. (city council, administration, tax collection)