Electrical Board


Functions and Duties of Board — The functions of the electrical board shall be to license all qualified applicants; assist the electrical inspector with interpretations of the electrical code requirements; conduct hearings concerning violations of this section; recommend suspension, probation, or revocation of license for violations; and recommend amendments to the National Electrical Code.

Members — The Board is composed of five members, two of which are ex-officio members (the City Manager, or designee, and the Fire Marshal). Members are appointed by the City Council for two-year terms and serve without compensation. Prospective appointees shall be master electricians.

Present Board Members:
Rusty Rothermel
Oscar Arvidsson
Carroll Wainwright
Benny Davis,
Code Enforcement Officer


Regular Meeting Dates, Time, and Location — The Electrical Board meets at City Hall as necessary. Call City Hall for times & dates.