City of Santa Fe Garbage Management & Recycling

Residential services are provided by:
AmeriWaste, Inc.
Physical Location:
Mailing Address:
Customer Service:

Contract Cost:
3894 E. Highway 6, Alvin, TX
P O Box 1351, Alvin, TX 77512
(281) 331-8400
City of Santa Fe residents only
$14.21 incl. tax/month billed quarterly in advance
When services are no longer needed, you must cancel the service to discontinue the billing.

Regular Garbage Collection:
Your pickup days are Wednesdays and Saturdays. Daily routes run between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Items must be placed curbside for collection by 7 a.m. to ensure pickup.

You must provide your own containers or bags. Containers or bags must have handles and not be greater than 55 gallons. The maximum of six (6) bags, cans, bundles, items, or combination thereof shall be picked up each pickup day. Each container or bag placed curbside for pickup cannot exceed 50 lbs. in weight.

Unacceptable Waste: Hazardous materials which include gasoline, oil, paint thinner, tires, batteries, oil-based paint, lawn and pool chemicals, and other types of chemicals will not be picked up. See recycling options below for disposal of these type of items.

Holidays Observed:

New Year's Day
Memorial Day
Idependence Day

Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day

If your pickup day falls on an observed holiday, your pickup will resume on your next regularly scheduled pickup day.

Bulky and Heavy Trash Items:
Your heavy pickup day is Wednesday.
Appliances*, furniture, mattresses, and similar items may be placed curbside for collection, provided they do not exceed 50 lbs. in weight. Moving boxes must be broken down. Brush and tree limbs must be cut to a length not to exceed 5 feet, tied in bundles, and no greater than 50 lbs. in weight.
*Appliances containing refrigerant must be drained and tagged by a certified refrigerant recycler in order to eligible for pickup and disposal.
Sheetrock, concrete, lumber, bricks, or similar items are considered construction debris and may be subject to additional fees. Please contact customer service to schedule pickup of these items.

Recycling is collected each Wednesday at no extra charge. If you wish to recycle, please notify customer service so that your address may be added to the recycling route. Recycling bins are available at City Hall or may be delivered to your residence upon request by contacting customer service. All recyclables are to be combined in one bin. Do not use the recycle bin for household trash.

Recycling commodities accepted: Newsprint and Magazines
Aluminum and Tin cans
Plastics (#1 - #7)
Glass is not accepted for recycling.

Other Recycling Options:
* clothing, household items, and furniture - HIS Ministries (a local food pantry that feeds and clothes needy residents) 409-925-4697
* cell phones - drop off at City Hall, 12002 Hwy. 6, Santa Fe, Texas
* scrap/junk vehicles - Santa Fe Recycling, 13319 FM 1764, Santa Fe, TX 409-925-2562
* car batteries, used motor oil, used oil filters - WalMart, 409-986-6000
* tires - contact City Hall for available dates and locations, 409-925-6412

Semi-Annual Cleanup Events and Convenience Center:

Cleanup Events are held semi-annually, free of charge for all residents who are customers of AmeriWaste. Notifications of these event dates will be sent with your bill.

AmeriWaste Convenience Center is located at 3894 E. Hwy. 6 in Alvin and is available to all current customers. The center is open Monday through Friday, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. You should call customer service first to make sure their roll-off container isn't full and then you must check in with the office upon arrival. Customers may utilize the convenience center once a month to dispose of six (6) cubic yards or less. Additional items may be disposed of at the convenience center for $6.75 per cubic yard.