MISSION STATEMENT                                                                                                           
The Santa Fe Police Department's mission is to enforce laws, protect life, property
and to serve the community with the rights of all citizens
in mind.  To accomplish
this mission, a large number of people and other resources must be systemically
directed and coordinated in a cost effective manner.

- Protect persons from harm or loss of property                                                                  
- Take proactive and post active actions to identify, arrest and contributes
  improve performance and community image
- Effectively and efficiently provide law enforcement of the traffic laws
- Respond to reasonable needs for assistance from the public
- Cooperate with other law enforcement agencies and the Criminal Justice system
- Manage the Department in a manner that limits unnecessary exposure to civil

The Santa Fe Police Department has a paid police department, its citizens have
voted to adopt municipal civil service within its police department and the City has
implemented municipal civil service, on behalf of its police department, by

The agency is comprised of one Captain, one Lieutenant, four Patrol Sergeants
and thirteen sworn Patrol Officers of which there are two Criminal Investigators.   

Department Listing of Personnel

You can contact Chief Philip Meadows at 409-925-2000.

The department in an effort to improve communication and understanding between the citizens we
serve and the department, proudly announce the introduction of two different
programs available for citizens to interact with the department. The two programs
are Coffee with a Cop and Stroll With Patrol. Click on
Press Release 8-11-16 for
more information. Stroll With Patrol is now being held at SF Jr. High track.

Crime Mapping
Notice of Entry Level Police Officer Exam